Our Story

About Us

Higher Road Australia is passionate about helping our customers & community increase feel good vibes in their daily life. Our carefully curated product collections encourage positive self care rituals, elevated personal and living styles.

Look well, feel well, think well, live well.

We are a feel-good boutique offering high quality upmarket products to keep you feeling and looking your best. We offer a platform to connect likeminded Australian creators, business owners and consumers; presenting quality, sustainable and timeless pieces dedicated to changing the way you think about clothing and style. Based in the Western Downs, QLD, we exist to serve our community in a better way, making each and every customer feel warmly welcomed, and leave feeling better than when they arrived. We value our growing nationwide society; bringing feel-good vibes to our customers, from country to coast.


How it all started.

A deep connection to rural Australia, coupled with an innate calling to help women live a more joyful life, is what sparked the journey to the higher road. Owned and managed by Sally Sattler, Higher Road Australia is the culmination of her country upbringing, desire for elevated life experiences and the road back home towards a more mindful, purposeful way of life.

A drive for discovery and adventure, set Sally on a decade long career working nationally and internationally in the minerals industry. She was living an exciting life but felt her ‘real life’ was on hold. “When I start my forever life…” was always in the back of her mind. By the time she reached a contract sending her to South Korea, she knew she had pushed the boundaries far enough, and it was time to go home.

Sally’s life experiences granted her the understanding that your lifestyle, what you surround yourself with, and finding true connection with yourself and others is what brings joy to your life. Throughout her career, small businesses and studies, a common thread would always arise; a creative entrepreneurial spirit. Through the support of her friends and family, and the close-knit community in rural Australia, Sally took a leap of faith and embarked on a new chapter in her journey; launching Higher Road Australia.