A Note From Our Founder...

Welcome, it's lovely to see you here joining us on the Higher Road Australia journey... 


Higher Road has been created to satisfy my aspiration to infuse feel-good vibes in rural Australia and to elevate daily living and personal styles. It’s the direct result of forging my own path towards creating the life that feels right for me, living consciously and taking the time to ask myself ‘How are you feeling today?’.


Throughout my life journey I have been grateful to have experienced diverse culture and different ways of life, learning the value of distilling daily rituals and self care. With these learnings I now curate and share beautiful collections that help make the difference between living the life you have and living the life you want. I’ve truly gone full circle, now slowing down, finding my way back home and living the country lifestyle I was always so fond of.


Life is always a balance, and we’re all feeling our way through it together. From coast to coast and everywhere in between; I hope to meet you somewhere on the higher road.


With style & kindness,